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Flip-Flop Shops


Throughout the year, Rising Stars Academy will be offering Flip-Flop Shops on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 12:30 to 1:30pm. The purpose of the flip-flop shop is to introduce the Flip-Flop (Back Handspring) to children at any skill level. In many schools, a flip-flop is a required skill to make the cheerleading squad. The younger your child begins developing the Back Handspring, the better. Each Saturday, participants will work through a series of stations which are comprised of the most basic parts/movements involved in the Back Handspring. By breaking the skill down into smaller parts, the whole skill becomes easier to understand and perform. Then, to finish each clinic, the actual Back Handspring will be practiced in different/safe situations to reduce fear of the skill and keep your child comfortable, while facilitating learning of the skill.

The Flip-Flop shop is not just for beginners. If you have recently learned yours, and are looking to clean it up or perfect it, then the Flip Flop shop is for you as well. These clinics are designed to benefit children of all ages and abilities (with the exception of the advanced tumbler).

The cost of each clinic is $15 and can be paid the day of the clinic. Sign-ups will be posted at the front desk throughout the year and space is limited so be sure to sign up early. You need not be a member of Rising Stars Academy to attend; however, all participants must have a registration form filled out prior to attending their first clinic.

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