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Hello and welcome to Rising Stars Academy of Gymnastics & Tumbling! We wanted to personally thank you for choosing RSA as your home for quality gymnastics and tumbling instruction. Below are a list of our policies. If you have any questions about how the sessions run, please do not hesitate to call us at 309-662-3330 during our office hours. We’ll see you at the gym!

Fall, Winter, & Spring Sessions

Our Sessions during the school- year are divided into two 9-week Sessions (1 & 2) and two 10-week Sessions (3 & 4). If you sign up for Session 1, 2, 3, or 4, your enrollment will automatically roll-over to the next session(s). In other words, the class times stay the same all school-year, so you don’t have to re-register to stay in the same class. If you do not wish to continue for the next session, just let the front desk know so we can avoid needlessly charging your account.

Session Fees (Fall – Spring)

Payment for the full 9 or 10 weeks depending on session (or remaining weeks in the session you are signing up for) is required upon registration to hold your child’s spot.  For ongoing sessions (after your initial session) fees are due three weeks before each session begins (see Session calendar for details).  If we don’t receive payment prior to the first week of the next session, his or her spot may be given to the next child on the wait list.


If your child should miss a class, make-ups are held twice a session – typically on the Friday of the 4th and 8th weeks.  All students should be preregistered for the make-up classes.  You can call or stop by the front desk to get signed up. Make-up dates will be posted online at www.risingstarsacademy.com.

Make-ups for Parent-Tot and Level 2/3 & 4/5 Gymnastics Classes can be done at another class time if there is room in the class. This applies to these classes only. Call or stop by the front desk for availability.

Ninja Zone will have separate make-up classes that will be held throughout each session.  Please call the front desk to check dates and availability for Ninja Zone Make-ups.  Please see the Ninja Zone page on our website for NZ make-up dates.

Refunds will not be issued for classes not attended in a session.

Gymnastics Make-up Dates Fall 2017-Spring 2018

  • TBA



Summer Session & Fees

Our Summer Session runs a little bit different. Everyone must re-register as the class times do change. Summer Session is 10 or 11 weeks long (depending on the year), but is on a “Flex-Schedule” format. In other words, you do not need to sign up and pay for all 10 or 11 weeks in order to participate in a class. Simply fill out a “Flex-Schedule Form” (this can be found online or picked up at the front desk) to let us know which weeks you will not be able to attend. Turn in the form when you pay, and we can pro-rate your Summer fees. Fees are still due upon enrolling for the class.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are $30 for a child or $50 for a family, and is required for anyone participating in a class. They are due once a year, on the anniversary of the child’s registration at RSA. Anyone who has paid a registration fee within the last year is considered a “member.” Membership allows you to take classes and get discounted prices at School-Aged and “Working” Open Gyms.


Evaluations will be done on an on-going basis for all sessions. Each level in our program consists of many skills, with a few skills being the “core skills” of each level. Every week instructors will track the progress of the students, by marking what skills have been taught, practiced/improved upon and mastered. When a child is successfully able to do all of the core skills listed for their level they will be ready to move up and will be awarded a level completion certificate. The front office will contact you to let you know that your child is ready for the next level and to discuss available class times. Children will be able to change levels at any point during a session, with an instructors recommendation.

School-Aged Gymnastics (for 6 years and up) is divided into Beginner, Level 2/3, & Level 4/5 classes. School-Aged Tumbling is divided into Tumble 1, Tumble 2, Tumble 3, & Advanced Tumbling classes. If you think your child may not be in the right group/level or are unsure of where they should start when you register, you may schedule a private evaluation at the front desk.


  • Fees for Session 2, 3, 4 are due 3 weeks before the Session.
  • No refunds will be given for classes not attended during a session.
  • There are no refunds for the annual registration fees.
  • Make-ups will be held on two Fridays every session (usually the 4th and 8th Fridays). Please sign up at the front desk.
  • Please let us know if your child will not be returning for the next session, otherwise, you could be held responsible for payment of that class spot.

*Printable Rising Stars Academy Policies – to come